The mission of Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation is to offer special needs children and their families rustic, Arizona ranch-style camp and retreat experiences enhanced by programs designed to foster nurturing interactions between campers and the animals residing at the Ranch.

Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation is distinctive in terms of our unique programs whereby individuals with special needs interact with our animal residents, most all of whom were born with physical differences or suffered injury, abuse, abandonment, or loss of a caregiver. Our specially-designed facility and programs are the result of a collaborative effort with numerous community organizations that serve children and families with special needs – from the design of the facility to the programs designed to meet the needs of these special, diverse underserved populations.

This beautiful mountain sanctuary situated east of Payson, Arizona, was built from the ground up to accommodate the unique and often complex needs of individuals facing myriad challenges. Working in partnership with organizations that serve those with physical, medical and developmental challenges, Whispering Hope Ranch provides the wonder of nature and animals in a fully accessible, healing environment.

Important Tax Credit Update - State Bill 1216, effective for the 2016 tax year, increases the amounts that individuals and married couples can take each year under the charitable tax credit from $200 for individuals to $400, and from $400 for married couples to $800!
Whispering Hope Ranch Foundation (WHRF)