Participating in camps and retreats at Whispering Hope Ranch (WHR) is something children with physical, developmental or emotional challenges look forward to all year. Activities at WHR are designed to be fun and therapeutic and are custom tailored to meet the needs of the individuals served by each of our partnering organizations.

Animal Assisted Activities
The activities that are most cherished by campers are those during which they interact with the animal residents of the ranch. WHRF provides specialized therapeutic programs that promote the human/equine bond. Activities such as guided animal contact, animal communications and behavior, animal awareness and bonding, create transformational healing experiences for the participants.

Equine-facilitated Activities
The equine residents of Whispering Hope Ranch provide unconditional love and comfort to all they encounter. These gentle animals are an integral part of the healing energy of the Ranch. Therapeutic riding and interaction with our special needs guests is nurturing and calming, enhancing well being and life purpose.

Other activities offered include:
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Nature Activities
  • Court and Field Sports
  • Dramatic Productions
  • Evening Activities including star gazing, campfire sing-alongs and story telling
Often, children who attend camps and retreats at the ranch have never before experienced nature in a forest or interacted with domestic or exotic animals. Memory books filled with photos of their new human and animal friends are treasured by the children, many of whom have limited life expectancy.